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“I recently had the opportunity to have Dr. Chambers create a

top denture for me. At my first appointment I noticed that there

was an interest in what my expectations were, which was unlike

any other dental experience I have ever had. This is my third top

denture and I am very impressed with the level of professionalism

and commitment given to me. I know that many late night hours

were spent to make sure I had an awesome smile in time

for Christmas. Thank you Dr. Chambers and Shelley.”

- Ken Walker

To start with, I can’t thank you

enough for giving me a happy smile

that is ear to ear. The confidence

I now feel, and not having the

embarrassment that I have had for

years, is due to my new smile.

Having a great smile opens the

door for all good things to come

in my future. Again, thank you

so much for giving me back

my confidence and my pride.”

- Wayde Grayell

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